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Dr. Sadir Al Kherdaji

Sadir Al Kherdaji has more than 23 years’ experience in providing legal consultancy and arbitration services as an Arbitrator, Solicitor and Legal Consultant to foreign investors and corporate clients by providing tailored, independent and objective solutions through Pre-Investment and Post-Investment Consulting services aiming to ensure clients’ cross-border direct/indirect investments to be out of legal risks as safely as possible.

Sadir Al Kherdaji was licensed to practice law profession since 1998.  During his service at Al Kherdaji & Diab Law Firm (formerly known as Al Kherdaji & Associates Law Office), he was advising, arbitrating, drafting contracts and litigating on behalf of and for multinational, foreign, and local companies in addition to high-net-worth individuals on various investment-related legal issues.

Sadir Al Kherdaji established, also, Cham Consulting group in 2012 that offers inter alia advisory services on business migration, corporate immigration, residency, and citizenship by investment services to corporate and high net worth individuals.

Thereafter, Sadir Al Kherdaji established ALKHERDAJI INTERNATIONAL LEGAL CONSULTANTS LTD  which is a boutique legal firm located in RAK ICC – UAE that provides expert legal advice to corporates and individuals in all that relates to investment-related legal matters.

Sadir Al Kherdaji also served various legal studies pertaining to commercial activities in cross-border transactions and investments to local & foreign clients including foreign law firms. He had also been appointed as counsel in several arbitral cases before institutional Arbitration Centers and other Ad hoc panels and he is, among others, a Certified Arbitrator at Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Pioneer Fellow of the Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, National member in International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Member of the board of Directors of Arab Association of International Arbitration, Paris, France and Member of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association – Japan.

Sadir Al Kherdaji has also successfully handled legal tasks concerning setting up, merger and acquisition of banks, insurance companies, real estate developing projects, and others for Middle Eastern and foreign investors.

Sadir Al Kherdaji has been previously appointed by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France) as a member in the new task force on reducing time and costs in complex arbitration and he participated in preparing several legal studies to the UNDP.

Sadir Al Kherdaji has a bachelor’s degree in law, an MBA in international business and a Ph.D. in international law.

Sadir Al Kherdaji speaks English and Arabic fluently.