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is a boutique technology and investment-related international legal consultancy firm located in RAK ICC – UAE.


AILC offers comprehensive solutions for the full range of clients’ legal needs, ranging from providing advice on the best entry strategy into the host country for investment and establishing legal status, to establishing a company, and providing advice on corporate transactions and the resulting mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring processes as well in addition to regulating the relationship between partners and the Board of Directors.

AILC legal advisory services also include liquidation and dissolution of operations and transfer of investments to other jurisdictions. And the cumulative experience provided by AILC members in the field of cross-border investment makes them able to provide professional legal protection for Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) in the event that they are subjected to any arbitrary action by the host countries of those FDIs.

What distinguishes our legal advisory services is its efficiency by providing tailored, independent and objective solutions through our Pre-Investment and Post-Investment Legal Consulting service aiming to ensure our clients’ cross-border direct/indirect investments to be out of legal risks as safely as possible.

Our members are legal professionals with qualifications obtained from various international jurisdictions. Their training and experience enable them to provide a high standard of advice and legal expertise in every case.


We strive to excel in meeting and beating expectations by providing professional services to our clients through providing unique three-tiered model of consulting, diagnosing & implementing amplitude of legal solutions and corporate compliance professional advisory services.


Drawing on our years of experience and highly trained legal experts, we provide our corporate clients with clear and practical advice on all their legal issues in a friendly and accessible way.

We, also, provide legal advice for high-net-worth individuals through our Private Client department in all that relates to their private investment including inter alia their global real estate acquisitions.


We have the know-how & extensive knowledge in the investment-related legal environment in addition to the excellent reputation of our team, great PR, and a wide base of network contacts that give us the edge when faced with business challenges.